Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sprinkles Flower Cake

I'm passionate about baking.  I just really love it.  For me it's a fine escape away from the daily schedule, breaking it up into more enjoyable moments.  So when it's party time, people know who to call when they need a cake or cupcakes.  But in this situation, I had wanted to try making this sprinkles cake for awhile so I volunteered.  Yea me.

I decided to make a 4 tiered cake.  Now normally, for a client, I would cut the tops of the cake to make this a totally even and pretty layered cake.  I decided to not do it on this cake since I knew I could hide the flaws easily.  Plus I wanted more cake for the party.  But honestly, I don't recommend not cutting the tops evenly off for that perfect look and perfect fit. (I can hear my kids now telling me to practice what I preach!)
I assembled the cake and did a scratch coat of frosting covering the whole cake.  I chilled it overnight until the frosting was hard.

The next day, to prepare for my cake, I put almost the whole jar of non pareils into a jelly roll pan. The large jar from a super store like Smart N Final, Costco Wholesale or a baking supply carries these large jars. If your super market only carries the small 3 oz jars, you may want to buy 6 of them for this cake.

I made another batch of frosting and re-frosted the cake sides. * Note* what I learned is that a thin coat of fresh frosting is better than a thicker coat. Below, a few steps down, you'll see why.

I used two small spring form pan bottoms to support my cake on the top and bottom but you can use cardboard just as easily.

Remember when I said thinner frosting is better than thick? Sometimes less is more. When I turned my cake to roll it on the sprinkles, due to the weight and excess frosting I had on the cake, the frosting started to seep through the sprinkles onto my pan and mess up my pan by sticking to the bottom of it.  It was kind of a sticky mess, but it was an easy fix. However next time, I will frost thin. I rolled the cake over the sprinkles a few times to coat most of it.

Using the palm of my hand, I was able to push extra sprinkles into the sticky parts after I set the cake back upright. It started looking nice and festive.  Then I put a dollop of frosting on the top, spread it out and sprinkled it with the remaining candy sprinkles.  Using my hand, I lightly pushed on the sprinkles to set them in place and give my cake a nice clean shape.

I did the border at the bottom.

Because this cake was for my son-in-law's auntie, I added fresh florals to the top to make it more personal.  My son-in-law's auntie is a florist, so the cake turned out perfect and made for her.  Plus, I think it looks it more festive and whimsical with the florals.  If you don't want florals, this would look spectacular with a homemade topper also (I'll add an example at the end of this post).

Happy Birthday Teri! Now blow out your candles so we can eat cake!

Here it is...yum yum!

*Here's another valuable hint*~  Do not let your hubby cut a piece of cake unless he is absolutely skilled in cutting 4 layered cakes. Sprinkles could end up everywhere and you may find them in all corners of your kitchen for months to come.  Hehehe

Here's and example of a homemade topper.  You can use any left over material, bows or ribbon to make something like this. 

 I've even used buttons and grocery sacks for the one pictured here too.  Be creative, make it your own.

All it takes it two wooden skewers, some string and some imagination.

Happy Baking, Making and Eating!

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