Friday, November 29, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

It's almost here.  Christmas is right around the corner and now is the time to plan, organize and have fun. I'm not talking turkey or planning dinner, not talking cleaning or setting the Christmas table, I'm just talking about the little things to make your holiday extra fun and special for your youngsters, hubby, friend, possibly your employees but especially for the "Spirit of Santa" in you.
These pictures may leave you wondering about the commercial type photos.  I own a restaurant.  It's called Pizza Factory and it's a franchise in Phelan, California.   So if you are ever traveling through, stop by and say Hi. (Did I mention our Pizza, and everything else there Rocks? After 29 years, I could still eat it every day!)
So my daughter Erin,  who was managing the restaurant for my hubby and myself decided that the three little elves on our Christmas Tree needed to get into a little fun mischief around the place.  Our employees and facebook fans were always super excited every morning to see what they'd do next.  They had some great adventures and I'll share a few of them here.  (Feel free to see what they'll be up to this year also at )

Hopefully these little sweethearts and fun seekers can inspire you  to do the same around your home, work place or your business.  Share away our little Christmas adventures with your friends and family too...

Elf on the shelf photos and captions~

What happens after hours...goes onto facebook. Sneaky little one having some fun! Pizza factory is a FUN place even for elves!

Meanwhile, back at the Pizza Factory... Another elf spotting last night. I bet they were getting ready to watch....______________________________?

We've always known Pizza Factory was a great place for a date night but this really takes the cake, or should I say...cookie!

 And the saga continues~ more elf games...

 If the Pizza Factory's open sign comes on at 3am, Don't trust the elf. Buddy, the elf on the shelf that's been up to all sorts of fun things in the restaurant this week is a practical Joker and we aren't sure he can make a superb pizza like your Pizza Factory crew can. Just saying. 

Now we're talking! These little elves really know how to have fun at the Pizza Factory!

Looks like the elves found our office. It's always entertaining for us to see what they'll do next. Funny, silly elves!

Lost and found watch. Thank you Buddy for the heads up!

I believe Buddy wanted to remind us what a great gift and stocking stuffer Pizza Factory Gift Certificates are. And I agree Buddy, I think they are too.

 And what are these three Little ones up to? Oh dear....
 Oh no, someone snuck a photo of a deliciously sinful Pizza Factory pizza plug in here...(insert drool here,  and lick the screen too if you'd like but the real thing is way more delicious!)

From our family to yours, we all want to wish you a very merry, blessed and love filled Christmas. May the spirit of it fill your homes and may Jesus be the reason for the season.
 And if that certain little someone in your life deserves something a little special for the holidays, possibly you can be enticed with this ever so adorable apron, made and tailored especially for him or her. My dear friend Aimee is not only a talented seamstress (I think she works at the North Pole too), but you'll enjoy her incredible website also.  Check her out. You'll love her. Your elves will too.  Trust me, Buddy has been pining for one of these babies and he is going to be so elated when his Surprise Apron arrives!


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