Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Clock Cakes

Happy New Year! Woot woot....Cheers!
A few years ago I made these simply adorable "Time Cupcakes"  and had to share the most simplest of ideas for a New Years treat.
These Southern Red Velvet Clock adorned cupcakes are perfect for the "Big countdown" and take minutes to decorate.
So how did I make all these gorgeous time pieces you ask? Rice Paper, that's how.  Our local grocery store has a bakery department that offers cakes made with your photos.  If your local bakery offers "Photo Cakes" made with your photos, then you can get these clock photos made there.   For one sheet, it costs about $8 depending on your store, but if you need to order these online, there are places that also do it for about $8 too.
What I did~
I went online a did an image search of clocks.   I copied clocks to my picture file on my computer and then transferred them to a picture document.  I made sure that I had at least 16 photos on each page and then took that page into the bakery to have it copied onto rice paper.  I simply cut out the clocks and placed them in the center of my frosted cupcakes, pushing them down slightly.  It was that simple and they were that cute! 
*note~ Rice paper can dry out and become brittle so you do not want to let them sit around for days.
*note~ You can also do photos of your family member that is celebrating a birthdayand put them on cupcakes too.  I did this for my hubby's 50th...
That's my hubby when he was so little.  Isn't he a cutie!
Okay, so you may be looking at the band photos and thinking...What? How is this related to a cupcake post?  Well you see, the band below is "100 Monkeys" and had some popular actors in it.

 Jackson Rathbone (Twilight Movie Actor as "Jasper") and Jared Anderson who is well known as the chicken sandwich in Burger King commercials and many other movies too.

 Here are my cupcakes, back stage with the band.  Yep....
(Yikes, one is falling! Casualty!)

...and here I am, back stage too. Boy was I stoked to be there! And I'm hoping they loved my cupcakes too!

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