Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Elves On The Shelves Part 2

I love Elves on the Shelf. Nothing makes your Christmas countdown a little more merry than these  happy cheery guys. And when it comes to home, office or business, I love coming up with new ways for bringing happiness to my children, family, friends and customers.  Here are a few ideas that we created for my Pizza Factory Restaurant but most are just as easily adaptable to home also.  Be creative and let the Christmas spirit flow... 
This year I really wanted to do a little something different than we did last year.  I decided to do a Pizza Factory 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway using things I had at my Pizza Place or something Pizza related as you'll see below with the Chocolate Pizza.  My customers and Pizza Fans have been jumping on the band wagon and getting into the "Christmas Spirit" by commenting and adding great messages to our Posts. Feel free to check out our facebook page for all the neat comments, some of them being really entertaining and some being powerful when chatting about Bullying, a cause close to our heart.
I'm starting with the biggie!   This was our 12th day of our 12 days of Christmas giveaway.  Who doesn't like free Pizza?  And for a year, well, that's a whole lot of dough!  I posted this contest at midnight and a few hours later, we already had so many comments to win.  This was the most fun we've had in many years.  Normally our business would give to the Angel tree and buy gifts for a few local children along with jackets.  Though we still did and had a lot of fun with our Angel Tree kids, the 12 days contest left me feeling so excited and happy for our winners.

Our 11th day giveaway was for this wonderfully delicious and sweet Chocolate Pizza weighing in at 1 lb, 8 oz. I also threw in some cookies that we bake at our restaurant.  What really sparked the Sweet day was this little apron that was sent from a talented apron maker Aimee Broussard.  If you need one, click here to check out her link.
If they're out of stock, be sure to check back next year to pick one up.  They're too cute! (and magical!)

Then, to top it off, my sweet Auntie Sissy from Texas gave me this A-dorable mini mixer clock.  Talk about elf heaven!  

Look at those mini cookies.  My son walked in a saw them and couldn't help but smile.  Then he asked me to bake them since he wanted to try elf cookies. To make them, I took a little extra dough from my left over cookies to make these along with aluminum foil that I folded into a cookie sheet.

On our 10th day of Christmas, I gave away a $10 gift certificate that I classified as a whole lot of dough.  Below is our "Dough ball fight" that corresponded with the giveaway.  "Someone got hit with a whole lot of dough.  Maybe you'll be hit with some too!"

Here is something I actually have been seeing a lot of lately.  Yep, the wrecking ball.  I had to borrow the idea.  For my day 9 of the giveaway, I gave away a $9 pasta dinner but said we'd not allow this little guy to "Wreck" Christmas if they told us their favorite Christmas song and why.

For our 8th day of our Christmas Giveaway, we gave a medium pizza along with our $8 anti-bullying shirt.  If you really want to see a powerful community spirit, check out our facebook page for the comments to this post specifically.  It was so good that I ended up giving a pizza bread to every person that left their good ideas to support a bullied person. It was really heart warming on a very sad and touchy subject.
On day 7 of our giveaway, we decided to give Five dollar bucks to 7 lucky winners. 
On day 6 of our giveaway, this is where I introduced the elves into our posts.  Prior to that, I just posted the giveaway items with a photo of the food, to mix it up a bit.  Here is the elf pointing to the giveaway.  This day happened to be for a 6 piece serving of Chicken wings.

Day 5-  was a $5 gift card to promo that we just started selling and taking them.
Day 4- was our world famous Spumoni Cupcakes, a 4 pack of them.
Day 3- was a 3 topping mini pizza
Day 2- was a 2 topping mini pizza
Day 1- was a 1 topping pizza bread
All in all, this was by far the most fun that I've ever had with these little elves. If you have a business and use these ideas, you are sure to get a few more followers to make it worth your time.  However, we did it so we could bless our customers, keep it fresh and keep it full of excitement.
Make sure to check my previous elf on the shelf ideas that my daughter put together for us last year.  They're fun, witty and talented!
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

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