Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sweet & Sassy Sugar Cubes

Sometimes when you are having a party, event, tea party or simple gathering, it's the little things that make your shindig over the top and keeps your guest talking. If you have the time, these treasures are so incredibly easy to make but you need to at least start the night before giving at least 12 hours to cure. A year ago I won a contest with Duncan Hines.  Part of the Prize package was making things and learning little baking secrets.  I've been making these little gems ever since the chef showed me how.  If you have left overs and are brave enough, the little ones will love these little treats! And if you really really want to get all fancy and stuff, get a hollow Easter egg mold, add a little royal icing to the outside and decorate away.

Sweet & Sassy Sugar Cubes
Granulated sugar
Food coloring
A little bit of water

The molds below were purchase from my local 99cent only store.  They have tons to pick from during the holidays. I also have a rose mold that I paid good money for.  The rose mold is for baking and is a little bit flimsy for rubber.  They do not hold up as well as these below which are harder rubber made for ice cubes but when you need to push the cubes out, the rubber does give.
1) Start by putting your sugar in a bowl.  Use any amount you'd like because this is going to be made by feel, not measurements. We all live in different climates and humidity.  I'll give an approximate though. For my two molds, I used about 1 cup sugar.
2) Add a drip or two of food coloring.  If you put too much color, you will need less water.
3) Mix until the color of your sugar is uniform.
4) Add a little water at a time, about 1 tsp to start, and mix well by hand. You need to feel the mixture and may end up with blue or other colored fingers if you have a lot of coloring in your sugar.
5) Keep mixing until all water is mixed in.  The feel you are looking for would be similar to "Moon Sand" or when you're stepping on the sand near the ocean waves.  Not too wet, but when you put it in your hand and make a fist, it starts to make or mold into a little ball. If you still need more water, add just a wee bit at a time until you reach this consistency. Then you are ready.
6) Spoon the sugar into the molds and press firmly in. This will be similar to when you pack brown sugar into a cup.
7) When you are done, brush the excess sugar away and let these sit in a dry area overnight.
8) The next day, test one by turning the tray upside down, push gently on the back of the cube and see if it's nice and solid.  *hint* ~ make sure that the mold is close to the counter when you are releasing it or it may break.  If they are all ready, remove them and store in an airtight container or serve. 




Sky's the limit!
And guess what, these make sweet little gifts for parties and showers too!


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