Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pepperoni Basil Panini

My son has been on this Panini kick lately.  I'm so very happy since I bought a panini maker years ago and maybe used it 10 times. It's been sitting around collecting dust in the cupboard but now he's dusted it off and put it to great use. What a noble idea right?  He's been making all sorts of fun sandwiches and dreaming up new ideas, some, I'm not too keen on but he's a happy boy.  Well, the other day I was going through Pinterest (I love love love Pinterest!) and I saw a saucy basil and cheese sandwich.  Considering the fact that I own a Pizza restaurant, the Pizza Factory in Phelan, I have plentiful pepperoni.  Years ago, a distant family relative introduced us to Pepperoni Sandwiches and I was in love.  So I decided to marry the two today and thus, a celebration was born.  Yep, this normally found on a pizza concoction was now a quick and simple panini, made in seconds. I'm in Heaven and trust me, this sandwich is a reason to celebrate any day!

Pepperoni Basil Panini

Sheepherders bread (or your favorite kind)
Pepperoni slices (thin)
provolone cheese slices
fresh basil leaves
tomato sauce (add pinch of salt, pinch of dried oregano and pinch of dried basil and a pinch of pepper to this)

Assemble as follows~
bread, cheese, sauce, pepperoni, basil, cheese bread.  Sandwich together and press in panini maker or in a pan with a plate on top with a brick or large rock on it. ( In my area, we have big rocks!)
Enjoy the party in your mouth! Oh yum!

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