Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Thanksgiving Table

One holiday that I am most thankful for is Thanksgiving. It's a time when family and friends come together and celebrate all they are thankful for and the blessings that they have been given. I love spending each and every moment with my company and I also love giving back to them whenever possible.  This gathering I put on was for them, the ones I love, the ones I cherish, the ones God has blessed me with. This was also a birthday party for my son and a 25th anniversary celebration for hubby and I. Three parties in one....
and it was absolutely lovely, simple and fun.
Here are a few of the decorating ideas that I did for next to nothing.
I added a sprig of orange above my mirror.  This brought in some of the fall colors.  It was something someone had given me the year before as a gift.  For the flags, I used twine and unlined (computer) paper. I simply cut triangles, used a hole punch and punched holes on both sides of the top of the triangles and then strung them with twine. With a pencil, I added letters and once they looked good and I was happy with the sizes, I used a felt pen to color them in.  This hung above my dessert table/ candy buffet. 
I made a simple cake and covered it in homemade fondant since I had no time to run to a bake and cake supply.  It was so simple to make with marshmallows, one thing I always have on hand in my home.  (You'll soon know I'm a roasted marshmallow junkie and roast them over my stove all the time for a quick snack.)
Here is a link to a recipe just like the one I used~
For the flag on top of the cake, I used grocery sacks and cut them into triangles, glued buttons on them and then glued them onto twine that I tied onto  two wooden skewers.   I also used fresh flowers in front and added a sash to the bottom of the flags and a ribbon to the bottom of the cake.

For the table setting, I found round cut logs for my table and used fresh vegetables like artichoke, pumpkin, dried corn cobs, grapes and fresh sunflowers. After the event was over, the foods I used to cook with and eat.  I gave the pumpkins to everyone that came. Then I printed a thanksgiving blessing and added it to the setting.  After adding candles, the table looked complete.

Here's another view.

 For my little food area, I used my coca cola crate, which I adore, to gather up my utensils and such.

Here's the dessert table with all items added.

This is what one of my displays looked like until I added the finishing touches. You can see the big log I stole from hubbies fire log pile.  (I did eventually let him burn them but I held them for almost a year before I could part with them.) They added nice height to the table.

Me and the hubs. Happy 25th anniversary hubby.

This is my candy buffet bar.  It was smaller than usual because I had made so many desserts.  I found as many orange, yellow and red candies as I could for this.

And when my family and friends left, they left with a SwEeT reminder of the thanksgiving celebration we had just celebrated.
Happy Baking, Making and Eating~

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