Monday, September 9, 2013

Baseball Cake

Today was my son-in-law Tommy's Birthday.  Since I'm the go-to-girl for cakes, my daughter asked me to make Tommy, a die hard Angel's fan, a baseball cake.  She gave me complete freedom to do whatever.  After thinking about it awhile, I decided on a smaller cake with cupcakes. I like the way it turned out and there was more than enough cake for about 30 plus people. This cake was a celebration all itself.

Baseball cake
A few items you'll need:
red food coloring paste writing gel
fine water color type paint brush
Green food coloring
Square pan and half of a ball pan
Decorator frosting (about 8 cups worth)
White fondant
3 cake mixes

Bake cakes. I used 3 boxes of Duncan Hines Chocolate cake mix to quickly make my cakes. For my square, I used 1 1/2  boxes of the mix.
For the half round, I used less than half of the cake mix. And for the cupcakes, I used the remainder of the cake mix.

After cakes were cooled, I did a scratch coat of frosting on my round cake.  I cut and filled my square cake and did a scratch coat.  I rolled out a thin layer of fondant and placed it over my round cake.  I gently pushed the fondant around my cake making it nice and smooth and then cut of the excess.

I tinted some of my frosting green and frosted my square cake. Here I added the round fondant cake to the top. 
I took a little bit of my red writing icing and added a drop of water to it.  I mixed it in a bowl.  For this, I made sure the consistency was still thick but thin enough to paint with.  I didn't want any drips or running.

I painted on a long line with the red color and then added the stitches.

Once both sides of the ball were complete, I added more green frosting to the cake with a Wilton tip #233. I wanted that grassy field look.

Wilton tip#233 
 And now my cake's complete and ready to party!


This is what makes it all worth it!

Happy Baking and celebrating and of course...eating!


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