Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lady Bug Baby Shower

Babies. They're simply magical.  Even better yet today, even before a baby is born, it seems that baby showers are the icing on the cake and are the start of something wonderful to come.  With the rise of facebook, pinterest and bloggers, ideas are not only easy to come by, but there are some many things out there to make a shower completely gorgeous and magical without having to pay thousands of dollars for it.  So if you love crafting, making and planning, then events can be a beautiful breeze with a few ideas from those who have been there or done that.
I had the pleasure of helping style a bit of this shower that I attended a few weeks ago.  I was so excited that the mommy-to-be was going with a lady bug theme. Two months ago I had thrown a shower for my daughter and our theme was Princess Pink so I was thrilled with the dramatic color change to red, black and yellow.   Here are a few pictures that I took from the shower and I hope if you are going with Lady bug shower or even birthday party someday, that this can inspire you.  Blessings~

The momma-to-be and her lovely momma. They did a fabulous job at putting this beautiful shower together.
Here are some flags that were made to put pops of color around the room and over the dessert table. I had found some vintage black polka dot and red sunflower material in an old material suitcase I have in my shed. It was perfect for this styling and turned out so cute.

Red Crepe paper flowers were hung with black polka dot ribbon.  More cuteness.

There were lady bugs everywhere!

These adorable cupcakes were made by a friend of the momma-to-be as a gift to her. One thing I regret is not snagging one of these cuties before I left!  I would have loved to have tried it. Darling!

Long pieces of red fabric and white fabric was hung almost to the ceiling to achieve this look.  The homemade flags were hung in front of it and the cute lady bug balloons popped color so well.  The table skirt was made by tying the center of long pieces of toile, these pieces were red and white toile, to a ribbon that was made to fit a 8 ft table. The ribbon went around the front of the table and wrapped the sides for a cute finished look. They had a nice simple candy buffet with red and yellow candies, added a bit of confetti to the black table cloth and a beautiful shower was born.

I had to take a close up of this cute cake, also made by mommy-to-be's friend. So sweet, so cute.  The top had daddy-to-be's name on it, mommy-to-be's on the bottom and beautiful baby-to-be, Ella's in the middle.

Here is a link to my daughter's shower if you'd like to see the similarities and how a color change can give totally different perspective to the same sort of look.

Happy Making, Baking, Eating and Celebrating~

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