Monday, September 9, 2013

Cake Tip

Have you ever taken the time to bake a cake but when you go to flip it out of the pan, part of it, most of the times the important part of it, doesn't come out because it sticks to your pan? Trust me, been there, done that!  
Years ago I took a cake decorating class.  I learned many tips, some good and some that are no longer valid today since it's 20 years later.  But of the ones that stuck, here is one I practice every time I bake in a round, square, rectangle  or flat surfaced pan. If you're a lot like me, then this tip's for you.  And you don't have to spend months in a cake class or spend the bucks to take the class either.  So enjoy and bake away.
Tip~ How to have a baked cake perfectly fall out of a pan.
1) The first thing you'll need is paper towels.  Make sure they're a nice quality paper towel, thick and not flimsy.
2) Trace the outside of your pan with a pen.  If it's a spring form pan, trace the inside with the middle removed.
3) Once traced, cut it out but make sure you cut the pen tracing off so your paper towel is pen free.

4) Spray the sides only of your pan but don't worry about over spray on the bottom. 

5) Place your cut out paper towel into the pan. Fill with cake batter and bake.
6) Once cool, use a knife to loosen the sides and your cake will pop right out.  Gently grasp edge of the paper towel and peel off slowly.  Your cake is ready to frost and doesn't have missing parts or isn't greasy to the touch. Voila!

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